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CMB & CETA has built up good reputation and been acknowledged by more and more clients for its reliable quality and attractive prices. Up to now, we have set up sales channels in 15 coutries through our authorized agents or distributors. In order to win more market shares and develope mutual-benefit business,We want to seek more partners to join us, sincerely welcome your participation.

To be CMB /CETA authorized sales agents, you could get the following benefits:

◇Price advantage: More competitive price will be available at the designated markets according to the agreement between us.  The measure for price protection will avail your sales for CMB,CETA product.

◇Promotional Materials : To help our agents and distributors publicize CMB/CETA product in their market, we prepare plenty of materials such as all kinds of catalogue, brochure, disk, featured gift....etc. Meanwhile, we will share partial advertising cost if you reach the specified sales amount at that year.

         (promotional gifts)

◇Sales Discount: If you accomplish the annual sales stipulated in our agreement, as reward, we shall return you sales discount by certain points at the end of the year.

◇Preferential Rights: We will make preferential arrangement for your orders and other requests.

◇Customized Packing Design: According to customers’ request, we could design new packing which is more suitablefor local market preference.

◇Supports for special orders:  To support agents or distributors’ business, we will try our best to supply all the goods in customers’ orders, even some special orders with numerous specifications but few quantity.

If you want to be an agent or distributor of CMB-CETA, feel free to contact us for a further negotiation.

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